King of the Rock

by APC on March 11, 2020

Atop a disgusting place (for most of the world) was where I fought to be growing up. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the worst place. But, I highly sought to be the child who could be the sole reigning champion of the circular sewer drain in our front yard.

Yeah, I was one of those kids who could spend hours fighting playing with my siblings and neighborhood kids over who would be the king of the sewer drain. It was the coolest place to stand on in the yard. It didn’t have grass! And, it provided ample space for my highly stellar tap dance moves.

I also recall similar battles over the green electrical cover betwixt the yard, albeit the small, dome-shaped cover provided minimal square footage to get my pas de bourrée exactly right. Plus, we’d often get yelled at to dismount the electrical cover because it wasn’t safe. (No child has any conception or fear of electrocution.)

There was always an inner drive to have ultimate reign and rule over something…even if it was just a small 2-foot space in the yard that wasn’t really ours. Sure, I was a kid, but I was just giving into my natural desires and tendencies. This doesn’t stop as we grow from childhood. As adults, we still struggle with the desire of control. We forget there is only One who really has it:

Dominion and awesome might belong to God; he establishes peace in his heights (Job 25:2, NET).

Scripture tells us dominion belongs to God. Dominion means to reign or have infinitive, absolute control/ownership. And, He does this in His heights. In plain language, the Bible is telling us that God is the ultimate “King of the rock” and rules in His holy mountain (Psalm 99:9). He doesn’t share His dominion (or mountain) with anyone else, and no one can shove Him off either.

When we disagree with God’s plans or fail to trust Him, we engage in a “king of the rock” game with God. We try to assume ownership of a “rock” that isn’t ours, nor is ours to take. The throne upon that rock isn’t a one-size, fits all. It’s only for the Lord of Glory, alone.

With the office of King (of the rock), comes a great power: the ability to create peace. If we allow God to maintain His dominion as King of the rock, peace will come to us—into our lives, situations, circumstances, etc. But, if we try to fight for control of that rock, and become our own king, we don’t have the power to enact peace in our own lives.

Knowing all of this, my question is this: What’s the point of being king of the rock? If I think about my childhood self, what was the point of shoving kids away from a little round sewer drain cover? To tap out a few rhythms, which accomplished…? It was dumb. And, so is our plight to get on God’s rock. We can’t accomplish anything doing that. SO, GET OFF!

Lord, help us today to see You as the only reigning King of the rock. When you reign, you reign in splendor, power, and establish peace. It’s Your presence and manifestation of peace that we want in our lives today. We praise You as being the One, true King.