It’s Free

by APC on October 02, 2019

Free. There’s something about the word that tingles my ears and excites my mind. This delight hasn’t subsided as I’ve grown older but only increased. I like free stuff with purchases, free food, free pens, free time, free tickets, and free things to do. Free stuff is good—don’t you agree?

It’s rare I bypass something that’s free. If it’s free junk, I’m not interested because it’s still junk. If I already have 10 million myself (i.e., Chapstick), I’m not stockpiling anymore. And, no matter how great the show, I’m not going to sit through a 4-hour timeshare presentation for free tickets (again), okay?

I’m not the only person gaga for goodies. I’ve seen people stand in line for free stuff, sometimes for hours on end! Some goofs will camp out for days or stay up all night for piddly perks. Occasionally, humans will even create stampedes to get free giveaways. And, while I find most people are frantic for free stuff, many will bypass all the freebies in God’s kingdom:

Thus says the LORD of hosts, If you will walk in My ways [that is, remain faithful] and perform My service, then you will also govern My house and have charge of My courts, and I will give you free access [to My presence] among these who are standing here (Zechariah 3:7, AMP).

God’s God a lot of cool, free stuff in store for His children, but many of us don’t want it. Why? We think it is too good to be true. Have you seen an earthly freebie deal and thought the same? Are they really giving that away? There’s no way that’s true. That’s too good of a deal! It’s easy to question the sweetness of a deal as a con or ploy to lose valuable resources.

The same thing is true with God. He has many blessings available to every one of us. And, these blessings fall into the same category—they’re free! Consider this Scripture in Zechariah: God has promised to give us free access into His presence. We don’t have to pay a toll, need to wait in line, already have too much of it, and there aren’t any hidden gimmicks.

When we don’t take advantage of the free stuff in the natural, we get slighted out of a “mass” deal. It doesn’t have earthshattering impacts to us as another opportunity will arise again in the future. But, with God, when we don’t take advantage of the free, we miss out on something made available especially for us. Not buying into or accepting this offer has eternal consequences.

When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, the veil in the temple was torn from the top to the bottom (Matthew 27:51). That moment signified the removal the barrier previously limiting people from God. Jesus’ blood paid the price and provided the ultimate free deal of all time: access into God’s presence. What a glorious gift, amazing blessing, and fabulous freebie; the best kind there ever could be!

God has set an open door before us, and it’s up to us to walk through it (Revelation 3:8). All the earthly free stuff is good, but we need to seek after the greater things. We need to accept the free gift of His presence and allow Him to have free reign in our lives in return. God’s not limiting the free access to His presence; therefore, we shouldn’t limit Him to work in us once we step through that door.

Lord, help us to desire all the freebies we can find in You: free access, freedom, and giving You free course in our lives. We don’t want to miss out on the free today. Your gifts and blessings are better than any earthly treasures. Let us seek after and accept all of You. After all, it’s free.