Heads I Win; Tails You Lose

by APC on January 22, 2020

If I’ve learned anything in my years on the planet, it’s that sibling rivalry never dies. But, as a caveat, I’ll add that the rivalry takes a new form over time—physical to prank; hurtful to hilarity. Instead of using one another as a punching bag we set each other up to be the punchline.

One perfect example is a simple coin-toss game. My sisters and I would each assign ourselves to a side of a coin: heads or tails. After the coin was tossed in the air and landed safely (on a legally-sanctioned surface) the individual assigned to the upwards side would “win” the coin toss. This all seems to be a legitimate amusement, unless it’s coupled with a new set of rules: heads I win; tails you lose.

Sadly, I’ve prefaced a few coin-tosses in my day with this verbiage. And, the unexpectant opponent readily agrees to the terms of the game. The only words with value in their minds are “tails” and “you.” They have no idea the rules of engagement have changed and that they’ve been set up to fail every time. After innumerable coin-toss victories in a row, I’ve certified the player knows I’m the winner and they’re the loser.

Rejoice with them that do rejoice… (Romans 12:15, KJV).

Sibling rivalry, coin-tosses, and arbitrary rules aside, it’s interesting to me how far humans have taken the concept of assigning winners and losers. We have determined if someone wins, or receives a blessing, those who have not experienced the same fall into a category of “losers.” But, that’s an incorrect concept according to God.

When someone experiences a miracle in their life, we’re admonished to rejoice with them. Why? We’re all apart of one Body of Christ. When someone has a victory, we shout with them on the winning side. When a person gets a blessing, we all get a blessing in our praise.

I think we all need a reminder that when someone experiences a blessing in their life, it doesn’t mean God’s only allocated “one” blessing and we just didn’t get it. It’s not “heads they win; tails we lose.” We’re not losers. We didn’t miss out. Our blessing is still in the making; it’s still on the way. We haven’t lost anything. We’re just waiting on God’s perfect timing. I have to think that possibly our blessing could manifest after God sees us rejoice with those who rejoice.

God’s rules of engagement with Him have never changed. We’re never a loser in His Kingdom. There’s always a blessing with Him and with the Body of Christ. It’s time for us to rejoice and be unified. It’s time for us to all lift up a shout of praise to the One who is worthy. Remember: someone’s win doesn’t mean you lose. It’s not heads or tails. It’s what you and God make of it.