Echoes of Old and Movement in New

by APC on November 28, 2018

My husband and I visited an art museum not long ago. Upon arrival, my heart sank—it was fieldtrip day. The hallowed halls of the art museum echoed with children’s laughter, adult’s frantic efforts to shhh them, and the squeak of soled tennis shoes prancing about. Determined to drink in the culture, vivid colors, and awe-inspired scenes, my husband and I darted away from the groups into hidden rooms deep within the museum.

Soon afterward, while lost in examination of a breath-taking painting, the sounds of a giant herd approached. I whirled around to find my husband, caught unaware, making a valiant effort to cross the gallery before the chaos hit. But, he made his move too late.

Our eyes locked, and before we knew it, a swarm of teachers and children were around us. My husband was literally stuck like a rock in the middle of a river. Children danced, walked, and ran around him completely hindering his ability to move anywhere. We both were frozen in place and the artwork still hung perfectly stagnant on the walls. But, there was movement all around us.

After an indefinite amount of time, the mass left. Frozen still in our reverie, we listened to the remaining echo of the aftermath. The voices, the laughter, the rustling…all danced their way upward into the high vaulted ceilings—reminding us moments after of what had just taken place.

I hadn’t realized I’d been holding my breath. When the echo subsided, I was reluctant to exhale to shatter the newfound quiet and peace that had resettled itself back into the gallery. If I moved, would the tranquility and majesty of the art museum come to an end? Now disturbed, could I rediscover my moment of inspiration with the painting beside me?


Reflecting back on this experience, I realize we’ve all had these moments at one time or another in our walk with God. We follow the straight and narrow path with Jesus and then disaster strikes. We’re frozen in place as the Lord fights our battle and restores the peace around us. But, the echoes of the experience haunt our lives reminding us what happened, and we become fearful to return back to the path we were on.

Will we experience another trial? Can we find our previous peace? Will we be able to start a new life? Will strength come again? Will we be as anointed as we once were?

The enemy uses these echoes to control us and lock us into a state of fear. Fear drives us to stay where we are, take a step back in ministry, and tells us no one will receive the Gospel of Christ.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (II Corinthians 5:17, KJV).

God has promised to always give us peace if we stay in Him: connected through prayer, fasting, the Word, church, and fellowship (Philippians 4:7). We can’t let the enemy convince us otherwise (II Timothy 1:7)! Circumstances will arise in our daily life that may bring change, but change is good.

Scripture tells us if we’re in Christ we’re new creatures. News flash: there’s no limit on how many times “new” or “change” happens. We die out to sin daily. Fresh trials can happen daily. New tests can come forth daily. We can try to hide, but they’ll find us nonetheless.

The answer to the previous set of questions is not always going to be, “yes.” Why? The devil is in the backtracking and moment-in-time business. God is in the change and creating new business. Instead of the old, you’ll find new and greater peace. You’ll now be stronger and wiser. You’ll step into a new and greater anointing. You’ll be able to appreciate the chaos that comes.

I wish I was “unfrozen” enough to snap a photograph of my husband that day. I don’t want to forget him standing in the river of people. But, in my mind’s eye, when I reflect back, I can smile. God wanted to prove that we could still enjoy the “art” of life without strict peace and quiet. We survived. We made it. And, we’ll do it again the next time we see an art museum in our travels.

Saint of God, don’t be frozen today from the change that has come your way. Don’t be hindered by the noise and the chaos. Continue to forge forward in His Kingdom and know the “new” is coming. Take a moment and see what’s surrounding you, and praise God for it. Something breath-taking an amazing is on the horizon.