Does this Match

by APC on May 29, 2019

Does this match? I hear this question asked often by friends and loved ones. If directed toward me, a majority of the time my answer is very simple—No! It’s not that I’m a fashion-monger or have a great eye for color, I’ve just had a few experiences in my lifetime that have made me leery of color.

For instance, when I was in grade school, my sister and I played soccer for a local league. We had a smashing uniform for game days: a reversible shirt with navy blue on one side and goldenrod yellow on the other. Let’s just say I learned at an early age yellow’s not my color.

Even worse were our practice clothes. My mother was not about to send her daughters off to practice several times a week to have grass stains or rips comes back on our Sunday’s finest. So, we wore mismatched outfits, uncomplimentary colors, and wild patterns. I think I donned a teal polka-dot something or other that unequivocally didn’t match. (Ironically, looking at fashion trends today, I was totally in style, just years ahead of my time.)

I’m honestly surprised I’ve lived this long because when I arrived at soccer practice I could have died of embarrassment. I remember my sister and I begging to attend practice in something nicer—something more stylish. But, our mother was unyielding (and rightly so). Therefore, we drugged weekly to practice, looking forward with great expectation to game day when we could match everyone else.

Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope (Psalms 119:116, KJV).

As children, our scope of concern was so narrowly focused we missed out on a few things. The color of our clothes didn’t matter when we were coming home with grass and mud stains all over our clothes. Stains don’t look good on any color or fabric pattern. We weren’t thankful our parents provided an opportunity for us to play soccer. Bonus, they even provided clothes for us to wear while doing it.

I’ve realized that kids aren’t the only ones who do this: lose focus and get ashamed over something they shouldn’t. In our walk with God, when we look and act less like the world, it’s easy to get distracted and begin to feel uncomfortable around everyone else. When who we are doesn’t match the world, we start to become ashamed of our hope in God. Then, we start complaining to our Heavenly Father; we beg He allow us to look, talk, and act like everyone else just to fit in.

We forget the big picture and true scope of what it’s all about. For me, it wasn’t about the clothes but the ability to play soccer. In our relationship with God, it’s not about us or what we want, but what He’s done for us. He’s called us out of a darkened world to be separate (II Corinthians 6:17)! He’s called us close to have a relationship with Him. He hasn’t discarded us and left us alone to face a life stained with sin. When we get a look at the big picture, what we’re wearing doesn’t seem to be a big deal, huh?

If there’s any cause for us to be ashamed today, it’s that we don’t match Jesus. Our question shouldn’t be “Does this match,” but “Does this match Jesus?”

Don’t let the world implant any thought into your mind that you need to be ashamed in Him or what He’s asked you to do. He’s our greatest hope; He’s changed our life! We have no cause for hope or a future in anyone else but God. Lord, let us match You today and You alone. Let us strive to match Your pattern, Your garment, and be washed as white as snow.