Discovery Moments

by APC on May 06, 2020

It was in my most recent past when I faced the greatest failure of my life. I’m not putting a label on myself, but am being purely transparent that I am human, and I acknowledge the fact that I do fail.

I was devastated, depressed, and in denial that God could ever mend my broken life. The words of the enemy crept in at every turn. Worthless. Impossible. Disappointment. Ruin. His innate ability to remind me was bewildering. Reminders came through small whispers in my prayer time, boisterous thunderings from fellow saints, and my over-active (albeit quiet) thought-life that chanted, “failure, failure, failure,” with every beat of my heart.

Joy and happiness seemed to be non-existent. Comfort abandoned. Every fiber of my intelligible mind seemed to go missing. In my fallen hour I wondered if there was an escape to the monotonous drone of failure in my life. Was their hope? A purpose?

It was then, in my darkest hour, the Lord sent a voice of encouragement to me. After listening to my guttural cries, a dear friend illuminated my situation in a completely different light. He said:

You didn’t fail. You’re not a failure. This isn’t the end. You’ve had a discovery moment, and therein is a reward.

It took a moment for my mind to process past the “crazy” in his statement. You couldn’t replace “fail” with “discovery” in my mind, but the more I listened, processed, prayed, and read the Word, I realized, he was right.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding (Proverbs 3:13, KJV).

There’s a quote that pretty much sums up my life. “Which way do you prefer to learn? The hard way.” For me, there’s no other way. Learning doesn’t come easy, and normally enters my life through a failure moment. Correction. A discovery moment.

Another translation of this Scripture says, “Happy is the man that makes discovery of wisdom…” My heart sang when I found this verse. Why? It’s through my mistakes and lessons learned that the Lord grows my spiritual wisdom and builds my spiritual understanding. And, the outcome will lead to a true reward. I not only draw closer to God, mature in my spiritual walk, increase in wisdom and knowledge, but there is joy (happiness) in it.

In the thick of the discovery moment, nothing feels good. The enemy likes to redefine the moment as a failure instead of discovery and he resorts to celebration on our behalf. However, Scripture tells us to proclaim to Satan not to rejoice because when we fall we will get up again. The Lord will be a light unto us—bringing knowledge and understanding, encouragement and victory (Micah 7:8–9).

Truthfully, I’ve been fearful concerning my past discovery moments. I’ve been afraid of letting God down. I’ve been afraid of others’ perception of me. I’ve been afraid of never standing back up. Still, we can’t be afraid of discovery moments. Discovery moments are cause for rejoicing (James 1:2–4; Romans 5:3–5). Discovery moments help us build our godly character. Discovery moments draw us closer to God.

Rejoice today knowing God will give you courage to endure your discovery moments. You will find wisdom and glean understanding to help you win your spiritual race.