Dealing with Doubt

by APC on June 20, 2018

Doubt is something everyone will deal with at one point in their life. We must understand what it is, how it creeps in, and how to overcome it.

What is Doubt

Doubt will change the course of our life; it will begin to guide our daily living. Doubt is so subtle it will eventually grip us with fear and paralyze us into living a life away from God. Doubt can crush us down, introduce a spirit of heaviness in our life, and cause us to question God, His ways, and His faithfulness.

Satan, our main adversary, is the father of doubt. He will try to introduce it everywhere in our life, but we must realize we have the answer to overcome doubt.

Who Struggles with Doubt

If we think we won’t be a victim of doubt, we need to think again. The disciples, the chosen ones by Jesus, even doubted after spending three years with Him and learning from His teachings. After Jesus died, they didn’t believe He had arisen to Heaven. When they were told Jesus wasn’t in the tomb, they thought it was an idle tale (Luke 24:1–12).

John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus Christ Himself, even had doubts in the end of His life. While he was in prison, he sent word to find out if Jesus was truly the One he had preached about or if he should look for another (Matthew 11:3). In our trials, it’s easy to doubt, but we must remain faithful that God is the same God He in our mountain top experience as He is in our valley. His promises remain the same!

Why We Struggle with Doubt

We can struggle with doubt if we don’t know the Author and Finisher of our faith. We need to know, that we know, that we know we have a Savior who can help us overcome every trial in life. We need to exercise faith and trust in Him. We can’t look to the world to set the standard, or cause doubt to creep in. We need to see how God has blessed us with spiritual eyes.

The world will try to tear up our finances, family, life etc. But, if we understand God is our Father and has promised to take care of us, nothing else matters in life. There’s no reason to doubt anything. God will provide. God will keep us. God will heal us. Whatever we need, God is the answer and will meet our every neet.

Dealing with Doubt

The most important thing we can do to overcome doubt is to submit our hearts 100% to God and His ways. It is only when we have a surrendered heart to God, and a mind to trust Him, we will over come doubt. God wants us to repent for our own ways of living, and having a mind of doubt. After repentance, we’ll experience a release from doubt, and we’ll be free to worship and praise the Lord for our deliverance.

Once delivered from doubt, we need to maintain our freedom by constantly staying in a mindset of prayer and worship, and spending time in the Word. We must continue to understand we can’t lean on our own understanding, but to acknowledge God and allow Him to lead us in life (Proverbs 3:5–6).

Don’t ever forget who Jesus is, and don’t forget who our adversary is (I Peter 5:8). If we keep our awareness and spiritual vigilance, we’ll be able to see doubt coming, fight it off, and remain as an overcomer in Jesus Christ.

Adapted from Wednesday Night Bible Study on June 20, 2018 with Pastor Linton