Spiritual Growth

Resources to help further your understanding of our core beliefs and enrich your spiritual health.

A Frog in the Road

The day was drawing to a close. The dishes from the evening meal were washed and put away. The last beams of sunlight were dancing across the horizon and attempting to ripple far across the lake. The air was...

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The Andon Cord

Not long ago, I started working in a different division within my company. To become more familiar with the work, I began reading a book called The DevOps Handbook. To my surprise, the book was captivating and I had...

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Be First

Being first is an interesting concept. As a child, you want to be first in everything—standing in line, receiving a snack, playing with a toy, taking a ride, and especially when it comes to trying something new. We don’t...

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The Bottle Blunder

I’m a very punctual person. I was raised with the understanding: to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late…well you might as well not show up. But,...

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The Window of Opportunity

Earlier this year, the Midwest experienced a season of excessive rain. Normally, the general population moans and groans about the overcast and darkened skies. But, this year, the sounds of despondency were harmonized by an unusual group of water-resisters:...

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It’s Free

Free. There’s something about the word that tingles my ears and excites my mind. This delight hasn’t subsided as I’ve grown older but only increased. I like free stuff with purchases, free food, free pens, free time, free tickets,...

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There’s No I Told You So

Do you like being right? I know I do. There’s great satisfaction in knowing what you said is true. For a brief time in my work history, I was business consultant, providing recommendations for solutions, process improvement, or remediation....

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Don’t Make Up the Words

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think my siblings and I came out of the womb singing. We sang all the time, usually at the top of our lungs, and we never, ever, sang the right words. I...

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Let Him Out

Years ago, I moved into an apartment and was in need of a few items. One, of which, was a vacuum cleaner. Before long, I was bequeathed one, and I got to work vacuuming the floor. One day, the...

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The Dryer Sheet

I’ve been on a never-ending “man-hunt” the last decade for a household item, which presence eludes me at every turn. It’s none other than the common, dryer sheet. I’m cognizant of its whereabouts when placed on the shelf of...

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Bible Studies

Are you curious to know more? The Bible holds every answer we seek, but sometimes it can be a little daunting to dive right into reading. That's what makes Bible studies so great. We can help guide you through God's Word and show you the impact it can have in your life.