Spiritual Growth

Resources to help further your understanding of our core beliefs and enrich your spiritual health.

Ready to Serve

When I was much younger, my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Our family partnered with relatives to orchestrate a party to honor this momentous occasion. For a 13-, 11-, and 7-year old, enduring a long day filled with...

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Among the Stuff

I dread the month of January at work. Why? Yearly performance reviews. It’s not that I have bad reviews (thank the Lord!) but hearing someone review my work in a positive light makes me utterly uncomfortable. I see all...

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The Power of Boldness in Your Witness

Against Intimidation We are faced with a spirit of intimidation in our culture today. It almost drives people into silence because conflict ensues when sharing one’s opinion. This intimidation has faced the church even in the early days, shortly...

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Troubled Waters

Everyone was initially excited the day we boarded the charter fishing boat. However, hours later, our outlook changed. Embarking on a deep-sea fishing trip into uncharted waters would have been adventure enough, but we had departed the sanctuary of...

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The Book of Jonah

Revelations of Jonah The outline of of the Book of Jonah depicts Jonah’s flight from the voice of God, prayers for deliverance, sermons to Nineveh, and then closes with his pity party. However, the book of Jonah is not...

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Finding the Right Place to Dance

One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three, step together! These words echo in my head as if I heard them just yesterday, but in reality, they were spoken almost 30 years ago. My grade school gym teacher was instructing my class on how...

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The Vision of Discipling People to Jesus

A God-Given Vision A vision is an act in power or anticipation of that which is soon to be. Scriptures refer to visions as spiritual insight or dreams. To a believer, our faith is what helps give us vision:...

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What are You Still Doing Here?

Difficult. That’s a word that doesn’t rank at the top of my favorite concepts list. Difficult to me is bad news, something wrought with much labor, or will really put my patience to the test. In itself, difficult is...

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The Four Chairs of Proverbs

Making Mistakes We all make mistakes. And it’s easy for us to see the mistakes of others, especially when we’ve made them ourselves! The Bible helps us determine right from wrong, and deter us to make future mistakes. But, what...

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The Universal Word

I’m an avid reader and I long for others to be as well. Therefore, I’m a huge solicitor of books—if you have a topic, problem, interest, etc., I’ve got a book recommendation for you. I’ve come across books with...

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Bible Studies

Are you curious to know more? The Bible holds every answer we seek, but sometimes it can be a little daunting to dive right into reading. That's what makes Bible studies so great. We can help guide you through God's Word and show you the impact it can have in your life.