Spiritual Growth

Resources to help further your understanding of our core beliefs and enrich your spiritual health.

Just a Vapor

When we were children, my mother was absolutely ingenious when it came to filling our summer days with activities. Taking full advantage of the extra space outdoors, sun, and blissful weather, she structured many activities under the open air...

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It was late in the afternoon when my sister and I stumbled across a foreign object in our backyard. What it was or where it came from, we had no conception. No sooner after had we made our discovery,...

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Finding Dessert in the Stress

It wasn’t too long ago, I found myself in the long return line at IKEA. If you’ve been there, I’m sorry—but you know what I’m alluding to. If you haven’t, let’s just say you’re lucky you haven’t had the...

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King of the Rock

Atop a disgusting place (for most of the world) was where I fought to be growing up. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the worst place. But, I highly sought to be the child who could be the sole reigning champion...

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The Taste of Living Water

My preferred beverage of choice? Water. Room temperature. No ice. Just plain, old water. I’ve never understood people who don’t like water. Their biggest complaint? It has no taste. I’m flabbergasted because in my lifetime, I’ve experienced a gambit...

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The Aftermath

…And the LORD struck the child that Uriah’s wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth…David perceived that...

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(In)Humanly Possible

I am a very squeamish person. I can’t stand the sight of bandages let alone the sight of blood. If I’m in your presence and you a) cut yourself, b) go into labor, or c) have some kind of...

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Scars of Shame

Shame. The weight of it is crippling. The pain of it is excruciating. The longevity of it is unceasing. The scars of it are humiliating. We all bear it—in one form or another—for something we’ve done, something that’s been...

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The Spread of Gangrene

It’s winter, and it’s cold. This is normal and supposed to happen, although I don’t like it. When I step outside my warm home into sub-zero temperatures, the cold and wind cut through every layer of clothing I have....

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The Oven Cleaning

No one can prepare you for the aftermath of an oven cleaning. If Mike Row, from the TV show “Dirty Jobs” is looking for his next episode spotlight, I’ve got one lined up for him. It seemed simple enough:...

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Bible Studies

Are you curious to know more? The Bible holds every answer we seek, but sometimes it can be a little daunting to dive right into reading. That's what makes Bible studies so great. We can help guide you through God's Word and show you the impact it can have in your life.