Spiritual Growth

Resources to help further your understanding of our core beliefs and enrich your spiritual health.

Unity in the Church

Basic Principles of Unity The principle of unity is taught all throughout the Bible. Unity means “an agreement of purpose” or being one. The church’s main purpose is to go into all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:19–20); we’re...

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Friendship is an important aspect of human socialization. We’ve all found friends in the oddest of places, strangest circumstances, and potential “meet cute” moments. There are friends who last for a lifetime and then others who breeze in and...

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Practical Holiness: Basic Principles

The Very Nature of God As discussed last week, holiness is an essential attribute of God. It is who God is! We are called to be holy in all manner of our behavior because our God is holy (I Peter...

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I remember when the chickenpox virus invaded our home as a child, and rightly so as I was the first of three girls to become infected. I had an absolutely terrible case, which spread quickly to my youngest sister....

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The One Ingredient

For any family event or cookie-baking session, my mom and I map out a meticulous schedule. We know what’s being purchased, measured, assembled, baked, cooled, frozen, etc. down to the millisecond. As I need constant supervision in my cooking...

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Practical Holiness: Understanding Sin

A Basis of Holiness The Christian’s journey in becoming like God is answering the call to holiness. Holiness means separated unto something or being set aside for something. For us, we’re separated to, and for, the Lord. God called us...

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Gifts for Good or Gifts to Gods

I was a concert-trained pianist for most of my childhood, pre-teen, and teenage years. Between teachers, parental coaching, and God’s blessing, I had a fair musical aptitude. While God had created me with a musical gifting, piano playing didn’t...

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Living with Spiritual Integrity

The Basics of Integrity Integrity is a spiritual effort in life and a basic principle that comes from God. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. For Christians, this is the pursuit of the...

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It’s (Not) All About the Money

I’m not up-to-date on young person lingo, or fully abreast of parenting styles today, but when I was a kid there was a brilliant little thing called an allowance. If you wanted to get my attention fast, just mention...

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Battling the Bees

Every year in the spring, my husband and I don our camouflage and protective eye-wear, pull out the big guns, and face the residential carpenter bees. We (mostly he) fight valiantly, but those pesky bees always seem to have...

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Bible Studies

Are you curious to know more? The Bible holds every answer we seek, but sometimes it can be a little daunting to dive right into reading. That's what makes Bible studies so great. We can help guide you through God's Word and show you the impact it can have in your life.