Boast Your Thanksgiving

by APC on November 27, 2019

Have you ever asked a young child to pray over your meal? I’ve sat through some humdinger prayers in my day. Some prayers have asked a blessing over every bug in the backyard. Some have turned into stories that astoundingly have ended with Jesus blessing our food. Some have been a mere few words. And, some have gone on for days…

In those long prayers—which have droned on until the next century—the child has begun thanking God for every possible item in which s/he can think. I’ve looked up mid-prayer to see the child glancing around the room, naming every object in sight.

To be honest, I’ve waited patiently (okay, maybe not patiently) for the parent to nudge their child, signaling they’d better quickly wrap up the prayer. But, there has been a time or two where I’ve listened to their prayer in complete awe. There is genuine thankfulness in the eyes of a child for everything in the world around them. They can (and do) praise God for their toys, their parents, their classmates, the table, the bug outside, and much, much more. Their prayers last for a while because honestly, there’s a lot for them to be thankful for!

In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah (Psalms 44:8, KJV).

We’re instructed in Scriptures to open our prayer in praise and thanksgiving to God. As adults, we quickly get through the “prayer and praise” aspect and speed ahead into our wants and needs. We forget we have much already to be thankful for, and we have a God who deserves our thanks and praise for supplying it. Children haven’t lost sight of this truth and take their time and do it right. They exhibit genuine thankfulness and heart-felt praise. If we took this approach when we prayed, we’d be there for a long time too!

Psalms admonishes us to boast of God all day long and praise His name forever. The word boast in Hebrew is halal, which means to shine. This means to shine forth and give light to what God has done in our lives. We celebrate Him and what He has done. And, in the true nature of a shining ray of light, that penetrates forward to the ends of horizon, the depth and length of our praise and thanksgiving should do the same.

If we’re truly to boast about our God, we need to adopt the mind of a child in prayer and start thanking and praising God for everything. This will begin to change our mindset when we see how much we truly have in which to be thankful. This Thanksgiving, when the food is on the table, your mouth is watering, and you’re ready to quickly pray and dig in, take some time and give true thanksgiving to God. Boast about your God for a while and see just how much better your Thanksgiving can get.