A Little Birdie Told Me

by APC on April 17, 2019

I recently started a new role in my organization, and the news met many coworkers and friends by surprise. Limited communications were distributed about this change; however, news spread relatively quickly through the best communication channel known to man—word of mouth.

Walking down a corridor the other day, a colleague I hadn’t seen for a while stopped me. She exclaimed in a hushed tone, “A little birdie told me that you recently changed jobs!” A smile crested my face and I closed my eyes to conceal the hilarity I found in the comment. Honestly, I wanted to bust out laughing. How can one avoid snickering? The phrase “a little birdie” only tries to mask the real truth—that birdie is in fact human and most definitely has a name. Somewhere, someone overheard a conversation, or was told information in person, and felt compelled to pass that information on. What a birdie…

The air is the information highway to anything and everything uttered by our lips. Once spoken, words take wings and rematerialize—mostly at inopportune times:

Moreover, do not curse the king, even in your bedroom, and in your sleeping rooms do not curse the rich, for a bird of the air will carry the sound and a winged creature will make the matter known (Ecclesiastes 10:20, AMP).

Firstly, I’m amazed mankind didn’t come up with the “birdie” axiom. It’s been in God’s Word since before the world began. However, we’re warned that our words—good or bad—have the power to take flight. They don’t stay confined to our situation, location, initial audience, or lack thereof.

For example, if you speak ill of anyone to another person, it will be revealed somehow in the future. The person you confided in may extend that confidence with another person or the exact person from whom you were trying to conceal the information. The reveal may come hours, days, weeks, or years into the future. Remember, the wings of a bird can float on the air as long as it’s alive!

Truthfully, we can’t confiscate our words once spoken. We never know the harm they can have on another person or situation—there’s life and death in the tongue! One comment has the power to influence numerous individuals and make an impact that lasts for generations. Most importantly, we don’t consider the harm those very words (or curses) can have.

In our chamber, we also fail to consider the invisible audience eavesdropping on every word. The devil and his minions are everywhere, listening to our gripes and griefs, ticks and tolerances, as well as fears and fantasies. These are sounds we don’t want any birdie emulating to anyone or be used in any event. However, if we’re not careful, our words will be carried and made known at the wrong times and fabricated into unwanted circumstances.

Don’t like it when Sister So-and-So says such-and-such to you? Your gripe mentioned behind closed doors will be carried via birdie to that sister. She’ll be impressed by that spirit to say something every time she sees you. She doesn’t know it’s bothering you, but the birdie (devil) knows. And that birdie will fly as often as needed to wear you down and make you lose your tolerance and your Holy Ghost.

Every word we speak can be used by Satan and his demons against us to test our faith and spiritual walk. Let’s be mindful to guard our mouths and be careful what slips out into the air. Plead a covering over your prayer time with the Lord; that no winged-creature carries your words outside your closet. Jesus, help us to speak positive words: the Word, our testimony, and uplifting prayers. Let these words be what finds flight into the air by that little birdie—and let him help us take the whole gospel to the whole world.