A Christmas Keepsake

by APC on December 04, 2019

Since I was born, my mother gets me an ornament every year for Christmas. Some ornaments are hand-made, some store-bought, some from her travels, and some we’ve found together. Wherever they’re from, each ornament is unique and hand-picked in love.

When it comes time to decorate for Christmas, trimming the tree is my favorite part. Unwrapping each one-of-a-kind ornament is like discovering each one anew every time. I remember the excitement when I first open them on Christmas morning: the story behind every purchase, and enthralled that I have yet one more to add to my cherished collection.

Somehow, these ornaments become more special every year. When I look at them, glistening on my tree, I’m reminded how each one was chosen just for me. I’m reminded just how much my mother loves me. And, I’m reminded how much my Savior does too:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16, KJV).

In many ways, each of us are like a treasured collection of ornaments in the eyes of our Savior: unique, loved, and chosen. When God formed us in the womb, He created each of us as a distinct being—there’s no one “like” us in this world. We’re one-of-a-kind, unique, and a child God very much wants in His family (or collection of ornaments).

Even before we were created, God loved us from the foundation of the world. He loved us before we even knew we were loved, or needed to be loved. As such, when He gazes upon His creation, He does so knowing He formed us in love and loves us unconditionally in our existence. And, it was because of that love, God wrapped Himself in flesh to come and dwell among us, soon to be a perfect sacrifice.

In love, Jesus carried our every burden and every sin to the cross. He hung and died on a rugged tree so His love could shine forth and be shed abroad in our hearts. He suffered so we could be covered and freed from the penalty of sin. He died so we could also love like He loves. When we view His tree, we are also reminded of the love of a Savior, and effectively, how much He actually loves us.

And like an ornament in my collection, God chose us to be called, set a part, elect, and purposed to do a work in and for His Kingdom. We didn’t randomly show up in church one day. We don’t stumble into blessings. We don’t embark on a ministry by happenstance. Just as each ornament was hand-picked, we are also selected, with great care, to be who we are in His Kingdom.

As you prepare to celebrate another Christmas season, and have fun trimming your own tree, may your Christmas ornaments don a new reminder. As you hang them on your tree, remember Jesus held our lives upon Him as He hung on His tree because He loved each and every one of us. So, let your ornaments serve as a Christmas keepsake of Christ’s love for you, and cherish them as long as you’re in this life.